Talal Fazmin

Resources for Medical Students

Below are some notes, essay and other material I put together during my studies at Cambridge. The course material may have changed since the time these were made so be aware of this.

Pre-clinical Medicine Resources

  1. Anki flashcards for MVST 1B examinations (Cambridge second year). For a tutorial of how to use Anki, read this. Or this.
  2. MODA (pharmacology) essays on the pharmacology of:
  3. MODA (pharmacology) notes on:
  4. BOD (pathology) notes on:
  5. Reproduction notes on:
  6. Head and neck anatomy notes on:

Clinical Medicine Resources

  1. Introductory lecture on cardiology I gave given to fourth years at Cambridge University. Covers diagnosis and management of common cardiac conditions. (download)
  2. Presentation on paediatric supraventricular tachycardia which I used during a departmental teaching presentation (download)